Is it time to get organised?

Organisation and time-management are two of the most common resolutions set on December 31, however come mid-year, many people begin to let their hard work and rigid schedules slide. To help keep you organised and on track, here are 6 hot tips for mastering your time management...
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Reinvest your tax refund into your career and reap the rewards later!

It’s already halfway through 2017 and tax time is almost done and dusted, with one important exception – tax returns. It can be tempting to go a little nuts with your refund, splurging on a winter shopping spree or a big weekend on the town. However, rather than spending it...
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Deductions, deductions, deductions. What can you claim this year?

With the end of the financial year fast approaching, now is the time to start thinking about tax returns and how you can maximise your personal benefits after June 30. How savvy are you with accountancy? When it comes to tax returns, many taxpayers fail to realise the extent of...
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Bookkeeping receipts

Would you like a receipt with that? Tax & Bookkeeping

The clearance racks, the red tickets, and the annual advertisements are saving the date, but June 30 is not just sale season for car dealerships and fashion retailers, it’s Australia’s D-Day for dotting the I’s and crossing T’s of both personal and business accountancy and...
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Learning & Tax-Returning

There are a lot of things we spend money on that we’d prefer not to, even if they’re things we need or things we see value in paying for like: car servicing, insurance, utilities, tax, and even education. Some things simply aren’t as fun to buy as others. But would you feel...
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Returning to work as a parent

Desk to Diapers and Back Again- Returning to work

The hourly cry-alarm has calmed to a nightly one, you no longer feel buried by dirty nappies, and your demanding new little person is healthy and happy. Now that you’ve got your parenting jobs handled, it’s time to focus on your other job: the one that supports your family,...
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follow the leader

The Need To Lead

Leadership is not reserved for play-making captains, prime ministers, or priests. Any organisation is essentially a group of people working towards a common goal. The achievement of that common goal is an act of leadership and management. However, leadership and management are...
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Goal Calendar

2017- Your New Year

Succeed your 2016 with an even more successful 2017. Nothing says New Year like a resolution. But rather ironically, resolute January intentions scarcely prevail. Their downfall is usually at the hand of unrealistic expectations, poor planning, or a lack of motivation. Stop your...
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“Mum, have you done your homework?” Studying with children

As if parenting isn’t enough work, juggling books and babies brings about a whole new chapter of challenges. So here’s what to expect when school and home-life intersect.
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Study abroad globe in a library

All aboard to study abroad

Studying abroad is an enlightening opportunity made possible by modern globalisation. Our well-developed travel and communication technology can shrink the distance and the barriers to international learning. Aside from a change of scenery while you’re hitting the books, here are...
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