2017- Your New Year

Succeed your 2016 with an even more successful 2017.

Nothing says New Year like a resolution. But rather ironically, resolute January intentions scarcely prevail. Their downfall is usually at the hand of unrealistic expectations, poor planning, or a lack of motivation. Stop your next December from echoing the same wish-I-had’s as last year and start sowing the seeds of your 2017 goals. Here are our top tips for goal-getting this year.

Set but don’t forget

Of course, you need to start with a goal, for example gaining a qualification and you need to map out the path to achieving your goal. Then put your goal and your goal-guide somewhere more finite than your fleeting thoughts. It is so much easier to backspace on a keyboard than a piece of paper or quit on idea because you didn’t materialise it. Write it down. Then, take your written goal and place it in your every day line of sight to help your actions mimic your goals.

Be realistic

A goal is a destination and like most road trips, you will have several stops, a route change or two, and plenty of little milestones. Don’t beat yourself up for a little change of course, just keep your head down and keep on keeping on.

Give it time

Time is a two-fold factor when it comes to goals. You may need to wait for your efforts to bear fruit but it isn’t all a waiting game, you also need to schedule in the time to remind yourself of your goals and work at them. Most goals worth achieving have several steps to completion, it won’t happen in a heartbeat or a day, but you can make this year count on your pathway to success.

Motivate yourself

You’ve picked your spot on the map and you are the driver. Goals are a personal journey and although support from family and friends is appreciated, you have to put in the hours, you have to make the sacrifices, and you have to drive yourself to success.

Track your progress

On of the best ways to stay motivated is to check how you’re going because good or bad, then you know what to change or continue. It’s important to reward yourself for steps in the right direction and part of your written goal guide can even include a tick-off system where you can celebrate those milestones.

Attaining a goal is like granting your own wish and we wish you a very happy and successful new year in 2017.

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