Reinvest your tax refund into your career and reap the rewards later!

It’s already halfway through 2017 and tax time is almost done and dusted, with one important exception – tax returns. It can be tempting to go a little nuts with your refund, splurging on a winter shopping spree or a big weekend on the town. However, rather than spending it on something you enjoy just once, why not consider ways you can spend it that will continue to benefit you into the future? Spend your tax the right way – reinvest it into your career and reap the rewards later! Not convinced? Here are 6 indisputable reasons why you should be.

1. Study when and where it suits you (online/distance learning) travel/holidays/family

Are you interested in higher education but feel that your life is too busy to accomodate it? Studying online with QTS allows you the freedom to build your schedule around your life, not the other way around. Traditional classrooms and rigid timetables are a thing of the past with QTS online study, giving you total control over when and where you complete course requirements. Everything from course material and resources to contact and support is readily accessible online, giving you the power to choose your own pace. Whether you’ve got a busy work schedule, an upcoming holiday or frequent family commitments, QTS allows you to study when and where it suits you.

2. We recognise RPL 

Skilled but not qualified? Recognition of prior learning allows you to get certified for the skills you have already acquired and are demonstrating within the industry. If your life and work experiences meet the national criteria, you may be eligible for full or partial certification without the frustration of re-learning things you already know. This can be extremely handy should you apply for a promotion or a new job and need the certificate to acknowledge your competence. Get recognised for the knowledge and skills you bring to the table with QTS.

Skills considered for RPL may have been obtained through a range of avenues, including:
⁃ Learning from work or other forms of practical experience
⁃ Learning from life experiences
⁃ Courses studied at other Universities,
⁃ VET colleges and schools
⁃ Courses provided by professional bodies
⁃ Courses provided by industry
⁃ Courses provided by registered private providers

3. Tax deductible for your 17/18 tax return

Invest this year’s return on study and claim it back on next years tax! It’s that simple. Education fees and other expenses are fully tax deductible where study results in a formal qualification that develops knowledge and skills for current and future employment. This means that all QTS online courses are tax deductible!

4. Tick off your career goals 

Feeling stuck in your current job? Ready for a change or a challenge? Start ticking off your career goals by enhancing your knowledge and upgrading your skills. It’s so easy to sit in that comfortable job where you know everything there is to know but now is the time to break out of your comfort zone and realise the full potential of what you can achieve!

5. Polish your resume and LinkedIn Profile 

Improve your personal brand and employability by attaining a real-world qualification! Through completing a course with QTS, you’ll receive that nationally-recognised certificate you’ve been dying to show off on your resume & LinkedIn profile. Whether your leaving school, looking for work, or looking for a career change, QTS online certifications help to create a personal image you can be proud of by showcasing your acquired skills and knowledge.

6. Apply your new knowledge to your job and impress your boss and clients with your new skills

Looking to request a pay rise or apply for a promotion? Gaining a higher education and broadening your skill-set will undoubtedly impress your boss and excite clients with a better insight into business needs. Completing an online course with QTS is a super simple way to step up and stand out among your peers, giving you greater opportunities at your current job and in any future endeavours.

If you’re ready to kick start your career or open new doors in the new financial year, contact QTS today

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Quality Training Solutions (QTS) is Registered Training Organisation (RTO), delivering nationally recognised courses. We offer a range of Certificate and Diploma courses as well as customised training and executive level courses. All courses and services are designed with flexible learning in mind and are tailored to meet the developmental needs of employers and individual students.

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