The Need To Lead

Leadership is not reserved for play-making captains, prime ministers, or priests. Any organisation is essentially a group of people working towards a common goal. The achievement of that common goal is an act of leadership and management. However, leadership and management are two different concepts: leadership is visionary, while management is strategic.

An element of leadership, however, is becoming an expected role of managers. Good leaders have creative minds, inspiration, strong communication skills, confidence, and the determination to see their ideas come to life. What would Steve Jobs’ technological brainchildren be without the technicians, marketers, and sales people who helped bring his ideas to fruition? Ideas need processes, and processes need an end-goal.

Workplaces have an innately hierarchical structure, with leaders and managers in the big offices. There is a reason for the term ‘superior,’ it’s because management is a ladder of professional progress. The further a career or a company grows, the greater the need to micro-manage.

Statistically managers make more. From employment potential, to job growth and financial gain, management is a chain of increased promotion, power, and profit. According to the Australian Government’s Job Outlook calculations, general managers make 2/3 more than the national earning average. It’s also a qualification that will never become obsolete because it translates into a variety of industries. In fact, the market for managers is predicted to grow over the next 5 years.

Management starts with yourself; your workload and carving a model to follow. If you only focus on you, though, you’ll only ever engage in, celebrate, and benefit from your efforts. Synergy is the concept of collaborating to produce an effect greater than the sum of its parts and well-trained, effective management cultivates that synergy.

QTS understands that leadership and management are best when interwoven, that’s why we’ve created the Diploma of Leadership & Management, where you can learn to lead and master management. With an introductory price of just $2000 AUD, take your career by the hand and lead it to success. A 10% discount also applies when the diploma is paid in full upon enrolment. For more information, or to enrol, visit or contact us on 1300 946 309.

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