Returning to work as a parent

Desk to Diapers and Back Again- Returning to work

The hourly cry-alarm has calmed to a nightly one, you no longer feel buried by dirty nappies, and your demanding new little person is healthy and happy. Now that you’ve got your parenting jobs handled, it’s time to focus on your other job: the one that supports your family,...
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follow the leader

The Need To Lead

Leadership is not reserved for play-making captains, prime ministers, or priests. Any organisation is essentially a group of people working towards a common goal. The achievement of that common goal is an act of leadership and management. However, leadership and management are...
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Knowing Your Study Style.

Yes there are such things as study styles and believe it or not, knowing and working to your study style actually does help. Why not give it a try? Research suggests that there are three types of learners; Auditory Learners, Visual Learners and Tactile Learners. The minority are...
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QTS New Website Launched!

Quality Training Solutions is excited to announce our new website launch!! We have been working hard to make our updated web site a real eye catcher!! Keep an eye on our new QTS Blog as we will be posting regular updates and interesting information each week. Check it out and let...
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