How to Prepare For Interviews

How to prepare for interviews

You’ve studied hard, finished your qualification and it’s time for the big wide working world but first, you’ve got to get the job. Your first qualified job is the kind that requires more than a resume or an application. It’s interview time. So here is a basic five-step plan to turn your interviews into employee advertisements.

Step one: Prepare

Researching the job and the firm is important. You need to know about the place you want to work. They would’ve called your references and likely scanned your Facebook page so take the time to read what you can about the company history, culture, and operations.

Preparing some information on your self is also a good idea: a resume and/or portfolio of your work can really show a potential employer your organisation, creativity, flexibility, or personal flare.

Pretend you’re on a quiz show for the job. Practising for potential interview questions with a friend or family member is very useful and can really calm you down for the actual event.

Step two: Dress for success

You have seven seconds to make a first impression so make it count. Dress professionally, meaning nothing you can see up, down, or through. For men, it’s usually most appropriate to suit up. For ladies, a suit or other conservative attire is also appropriate. Closed-in flats or low heels are equally acceptable, just be sure you can move and walk with relative ease and comfort.

Step three: Be prompt and polite

Arrive early, use all your magic words, and sit when asked to be seated. Try to maintain good posture and eye contact as they’re signs of confidence, whether it’s felt or not.

Step four: Put your cards on the table

Answer questions tactfully, honestly, and positively where possible. Try to articulate with some humility why you, beyond the other applicants, are appropriate for the position and what you can offer the business. Try to be positively memorable.

Step five: Follow up

After you leave the interview, be patient in waiting for a response. If you haven’t heard back from the interviewer after roughly a week, try to get in contact with them or their firm. It makes you look enthusiastic and if unsuccessful for that position, keeps you in touch for future ones or at least you can request constructive feedback for next time.

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