Is it time to get organised?

Organisation and time-management are two of the most common resolutions set on December 31, however come mid-year, many people begin to let their hard work and rigid schedules slide. To help keep you organised and on track, here are 6 hot tips for mastering your time management...
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Reinvest your tax refund into your career and reap the rewards later!

It’s already halfway through 2017 and tax time is almost done and dusted, with one important exception – tax returns. It can be tempting to go a little nuts with your refund, splurging on a winter shopping spree or a big weekend on the town. However, rather than spending it...
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Deductions, deductions, deductions. What can you claim this year?

With the end of the financial year fast approaching, now is the time to start thinking about tax returns and how you can maximise your personal benefits after June 30. How savvy are you with accountancy? When it comes to tax returns, many taxpayers fail to realise the extent of...
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Bookkeeping receipts

Would you like a receipt with that? Tax & Bookkeeping

The clearance racks, the red tickets, and the annual advertisements are saving the date, but June 30 is not just sale season for car dealerships and fashion retailers, it’s Australia’s D-Day for dotting the I’s and crossing T’s of both personal and business accountancy and...
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The Value of Internships

Being an intern is a lot like being on your learner driver licence: you’re getting a feel for the open road with supervision. It’d be crazy to set a 17 year old off driving based on a road rules test alone, right? So why do we hire employees based on tertiary results alone?
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Job search

Job Hunting

You’re ready to embark on your industry, qualification in hand, but where do you sign up? Employers aren’t waiting outside your graduation like taxi drivers at the airport. The job market is competitive, some industries more so than others and you may have to do some legwork to...
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Resume Reminders

Resume Reminders Your resume, CV, or Curriculum Vitae is essentially your brief business biography. It is your introduction and calling card for an employer. It’s you, as a professional, in a nutshell. So what does a résumé require and what should be avoided? A résumé should...
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How to Prepare For Interviews

How to prepare for interviews You’ve studied hard, finished your qualification and it’s time for the big wide working world but first, you’ve got to get the job. Your first qualified job is the kind that requires more than a resume or an application. It’s interview time. So here...
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Ideas to De-stress

Stressed out? The pressure to study hard and get good grades can be very stressful, especially as you near exam time. It isn’t healthy to keep all that stress bottled up, so we’ve complied some tips to help keep you cool, calm, and collected.
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How to design your study space

Study is a tough but necessary part of learning but we’ve got some tips to help you optimise your workspace and brain pace.
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