Learning & Tax-Returning

There are a lot of things we spend money on that we’d prefer not to, even if they’re things we need or things we see value in paying for like: car servicing, insurance, utilities, tax, and even education. Some things simply aren’t as fun to buy as others. But would you feel...
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Goal Calendar

2017- Your New Year

Succeed your 2016 with an even more successful 2017. Nothing says New Year like a resolution. But rather ironically, resolute January intentions scarcely prevail. Their downfall is usually at the hand of unrealistic expectations, poor planning, or a lack of motivation. Stop your...
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“Mum, have you done your homework?” Studying with children

As if parenting isn’t enough work, juggling books and babies brings about a whole new chapter of challenges. So here’s what to expect when school and home-life intersect.
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Study abroad globe in a library

All aboard to study abroad

Studying abroad is an enlightening opportunity made possible by modern globalisation. Our well-developed travel and communication technology can shrink the distance and the barriers to international learning. Aside from a change of scenery while you’re hitting the books, here are...
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Poor desk posture

Is work a pain? It might be your posture

There isn’t much heavy lifting but the office can still put a strain on your body. Poor posture can cause discomfort that follows you home from the workplace. However, a good, balanced, and supported position will help you to work, play, and rest in comfort. Here are our tips on...
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Ideas to De-stress

Stressed out? The pressure to study hard and get good grades can be very stressful, especially as you near exam time. It isn’t healthy to keep all that stress bottled up, so we’ve complied some tips to help keep you cool, calm, and collected.
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exam time

How to approach exams

Prepare for your exam early  Exam preparation starts at the beginning of the term. But, you already knew that. This means studying more than the night before. Give yourself time (when you aren’t totally exhausted) to go through all of the resources you have at hand: your...
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keep calm and study on

How to stay motivated throughout the semester

After our last blog on setting goals, you’ve probably got a lot of success planned but it can be hard to maintain that kind of motivation, especially for more long-term and difficult goals. So here are a few tips to keep you pumped and working hard.
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How to set goals

We all have goals: to study more, to pass the exam, to gain a certain GPA, to get a degree. Goals are important guides that provide direction and motivation in your studies. There are some things you can do that can help you achieve your goals.
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How to optimise your study

Now that you’ve set up your study nest with the tips from our last blog, it’s time to get revising but don’t worry, we’re here to help.
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